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Samsung’s AI Enabled Washers & Dryers

Samsung continues to be a lead innovator in the smart appliance market, and their AI powered line of smart washers and dryers clearly demonstrate why.

Harnessing the power of machine learning, Samsung has developed a line of smart washers and dryers that can automatically sense how best to wash your clothes. Instead of configuring your washer and dryer cycles, you can now simply put your clothes in, and the machine will do the configuration for you based on data it receives from various sensors.

Let’s take a look at the main features available in Samsung’s new AI powered washer and dryers:

AI OptiWash™

Handles cycle selection for you by sensing how dirty your clothes are, what types of fabric they are made from, and then adjusting how much detergent to use, how long wash time should be, and how much water will be needed for the cycle. The sensor array available provides:

  • Wash Load Sensing
  • Fabric Detection
  • Water Level Sensing
  • Soil Level Sensing
  • Detergent Level Sensing

AI Smart Dial

A very useful feature that makes your washer’s control panel simpler to use and interpret – the system learns your most used cycles and provides recommendations, and provides a cycle list you can customize.

Super Speed Wash

You can now do a full wash in about 28 minutes with the Super Speed Wash feature – when you couple this with the Super Speed Dry feature, you can have an entire load of laundry done in under an hour.

Super Speed Dry

A high performance drying cycle that can allow you to have a load of laundry dried in about 30 minutes. A very useful feature when coupled with the Super Speed Wash, for getting a load of laundry done when you need an outfit or other item cleaned fast.

AI Optimal Dry

Like the AI OptiWash, AI OptiDry makes cycle selection simple by automatically selecting the best temperature settings and drying time based on information from sensors that detect fabric type, and monitor dampness level.

Steam Sanitize+

This feature uses steam to sanitize your clothing, removing 95% of pollens, and the Multi-Steam feature relaxes wrinkles and refreshes your clothing.

Lint Filter Indicator

Will let you know that your lint filter needs to be cleaned, and that you may have lint or fluff that could be blocking the air intake for the dryer.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

With the SmartThings App you can get alerts on your phone when a cycle has ended, and control the cycle remotely with your device.

Powerful Cleaning

Your clothes will be clean and your washer will be spotless thanks to stain-removing steam treatments, odor-preventing antimicrobial treatments, and smart self-cleaning options.

Auto Dispense System

The detergent auto dispense system stores and automatically dispenses up to 32 loads of laundry detergent and fabric softener, so you won’t need to add it for each wash.

Samsung’s AI Powered Washers and Dryers are now available in the US, and can be found online at their website, and at many major appliance retailers.

We look forward to seeing what innovations Samsung will come up with next, to help make our lives easier, and our days a little more stress free.