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Smart Cooktops – The Best Induction Ranges

Smart cooktops have a host of convenient features. With built in Wi-Fi, smart cooktops connect to apps that allow you to control the appliance, monitor settings, remotely activate automatic functions, and some will even accept voice commands through assistants like Google Home or Amazon Alexa / Echo.

In addition to smart features, a new type of cooktop has emerged as a major upgrade from the traditional gas or electric appliances, known as Induction. Induction Cooktops are a type of electric cooktop.

They have electromagnetic coils that are beneath a ceramic glass surface that transfer energy directly to metal cookware. This heats the cookware directly, cooking food much faster, but keeping the unused areas the cooktop itself relatively cool to the touch. With induction cooktops, you get even and precise cooking, with more safety – as induction cooktops only heat the area in contact with the cookware.

There is a caveat here; only cookware that is induction ready can be used with induction cooktops. This type of cookware is easy to find and purchase though, and any cookware that is magnetic should work with an induction cooktop.

We have researched several smart induction cooktops, and a couple of models really shine through as excellent additions to a smart home setup:

Gaggenau CX492610

This model from Gaggenau comes with a number of smart features that create an enhanced cooking experience. With its single unique cooking surface, it can handle six items of different sized cookware at once. It has TFT touch display for easy control of all cook-top functions, and has 17 output levels of power control.

The feature list only gets more impressive from there:

  • Plenty of cooking sensors.
  • Professional and dynamic cooking functions.
  • Function for Teppanyaki.
  • Booster function for both pots and pans.
  • Keep warm setting.
  • Pot detection features.
  • Separate cooking timer for each cooking position.
  • Both a stopwatch and short-term timer.
  • Extensive power management features.
  • Cooktop-based ventilation (a suitable hood is required).
  • Smart home network integration via Wi-Fi.

Bosch Benchmark NITP669UC

Bosch’s Benchmark NITP669UC is a 36-in. induction cooktop. It comes with five elements, one of which is an extra-large 12-in. dual-ring cooking area that accommodates large cookware. With the FlexInduction® feature you can place cookware wherever you like on the flexible cooking zone, which is actually a combination of two different cooking zones. A SpeedBoost™ function increases power to chosen elements, so water can boil twice as fast as a standard electric cooktop.

The feature set for this cooktop is impressive as well:

  • FlexInduction® – this feature provides flexibility by combining two separate cooking zones into one larger cooking zone.
  • PowerMove® – divides a FlexInduction® zone into a 3 preset power level zone, so you can just move cookware to a different position to easily change the power level.
  • AutoChef® – this feature regulates temperature continuously during cooking, adjusting as needed, so you get consistent results with ease.
  • Home Connect® – remote monitoring of your cooktop – you can easily use a smart phone or tablet to check if you left your cook-top on.
  • SpeedBoost® – this feature adds more power to a cooking area to speed up cooking.

Smart induction cooktops are a really convenient addition to your smart home setup, providing features that allow you to cook smarter, and also help to improve the safety of your kitchen.