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The Usefulness of Smart Microwaves

Smart Microwaves

Advanced in microwave technology are making microwaves more efficient and easier to use. Although the usefulness of a smart oven may be apparent, smart microwaves can be a very useful addition to your smart home setup, especially for people who are disabled or visually impaired.

Smart microwaves can be used with your virtual assistant, allowing for voice control, which can be very useful if you’re in another part of your home, or in the middle of doing something – and for people who have a difficult time using the control panel, they can be a huge benefit.

There are a lot of makes and models of smart microwaves out there right now, but we have located two models that we think are excellent examples of why a smart microwave is an excellent addition for your smart home.

Toshiba ML-EM34P

This Toshiba microwave has a lot of useful features, and connects with both Alexa and Google Assistant via built in Wi-Fi. There is a built in humidity sensor to adjust cooking time and power automatically, and you can also turn off the sounds on the microwave if they annoy you.

With a large 1.3 cubic foot capacity, coupled with 1100 watts of output, it is a perfect choice for large families, and can handle a lot of use.

There is an ECO mode that can help you save some money on your electricity bill, and it has 23 presets for popular foods built in, making it simple to cook many items. It is also rather light, weighing in at a modest 35 pounds.

Even with this impressive feature set, this Toshiba microwave runs usually less than $150, making it a very affordable addition to your smart kitchen.


This mid-priced microwave is ideal for those who are visually impaired, and for the elderly. Once connected to a smart home setup, it is very easy to use, and also operates with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

With scan-to-cook technology, this microwave makes cooking simple by automatically figuring out how to heat your food in the best way by simply scanning the barcode of the package before beginning the cooking process. The included app allows you to scan barcodes using your smartphone, and sends that data to the microwave, telling it what power setting to use, and for how long to cook the item.

At 0.9 cubic feet, this is a bit of a smaller microwave, so it is really well suited for smaller kitchens, or settings where space is at a premium.

It is primarily made of stainless steel, so this microwave will not absorb odors, is a cinch to clean, and is a very durable machine.

All of this combined make this microwave ideal for anyone looking for a feature rich microwave that will stand the test of time.

Smart microwaves are already a very useful addition to any kitchen, and we are sure to see even more useful features and innovations to come in the future.

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