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Smart Dishwashers Enhance Your Smart Home Setup

Smart dishwashers bring enhanced features to compliment your other smart devices, and are a really useful addition to any smart home. With features that include Wi-Fi connectivity, smartphone controls, and voice control via your virtual home assistant, smart dishwashers can really compliment your existing smart home setup.

Smart Dishwashers

The added features of smart dishwashers make them more flexible and efficient, and deal with many common dishwasher issues such as food particles being re-deposited on dishes, and using bottle jets to clean had to deal with items like reusable water containers and baby bottles.

Front viewing windows, along with LED lights can allow for viewing the progress of a wash cycle, and adjustable racks can be moved lower or higher to allow for large or oddly shaped items. Sometimes a thin third rack is available to hold large flat items like platter and baking sheets.

In some models food particles are removed during the wash cycle by high-efficiency filters, which even pass this material through a food disposal unit. Cleverly designed sprayer arms and high-powered jets use less water to get dishes even cleaner than before, thereby conserving water and energy.

Such features as water recycling reservoirs will store the last cycles filtered rinse water to reuse for the next wash cycle, and can reduce water consumption by more than 30%. Additional heating elements, coupled with vents and fans can use less energy to dry dishes, and also dry them in a shorter amount of time.

The feature set on smart dishwasher just continues to get more impressive every year, with everything from efficiency to convenience being improved upon consistently.

We’ve found two models that are very popular right now, with an excellent feature set that make them a great addition to any smart home:

Sharp QW-NA26F39DW

Sharp’s IntelliWash system changes the speed and temperature of a wash intelligently to adapt to the load you’ve placed in it, so washing dishes has never been simpler.

There is a Dual ProWash setting that will deal with even the toughest dirt and grime on your dishes as well as pots and pans, while an alternative EcoWash setting will save power and water.

With two large and versatile racks it can hold the dishes for up to 15 place settings, making it very useful for large households, and a cutlery basket and drawer insure that your silverware (even small items) will stay in place so you are never searching for a missing spoon or paring knife again.

Samsung DW60M6050FS

Two of the most useful features of this new Samsung model are the 30 minute quick wash, that will have your dishes ready for use in the time it takes to watch a half-hour episode of your favorite sitcom, and the hygiene rinsing function that increases the temperature of the final rinse, so that your dishes and cutlery come out of the washer virtually free of bacteria and germs.

With a wide LED display you can easily monitor the status of your wash Cycle, and with the half-load setting the cycle will adapt to accommodate cleaning only the bottom zone, so you can save water and energy but still get a small load of dishes out of the way.

The flexible interior space feature allows for raising the upper rack up to 5 centimeters so you can easily accommodate tall posts and oversized plates in the bottom rack with the touch of a button.

If you’re looking for a dishwasher that will extend the conveniences of your smart home setup, you’d be wise to take a look at what Sharp and Samsung have on offer.

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