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Cutting Edge Smart Kitchen Appliances for 2021

The future is here – at least in the form of what’s known as the Internet of Things (IoT) – a key component of what people now refer to as Smart Homes. Thanks to a combination of hardware and software built into everyday devices, you can now control everything from the lights in your home, to your HVAC system, all through the internet – from almost anywhere in the world.

Smart Appliances

One of the newest trends in Smart Home technology is the Smart Kitchen. You can now control your kitchen devices from your smartphone, and even connect with your family and friends through some of these connected devices. The possibilities with new smart appliances are vast, and major players in the appliance industry are breaking new ground every year with more sophisticated and useful features for everyday devices like refrigerators and ovens.

Here are three of the latest devices from Samsung & GE that are making life more convenient in the kitchen, and showing the industry what amazing things are possible with connected smart appliances:

GE Connected Double Oven Electric Convection Range

smart kitchen appliances

Now you can talk to your oven – via Alexa, Nest, or Google Assistant – thanks to the brilliant folks at GE. They’ve created a stunning electric smart range, with dual convection ovens, that connects to WiFi. It also has an integrated camera, so you can watch your food actually cooking.

The feature set is impressive:

  • Built-In Wifi, Powered By The SmartHQ App
  • Downloadable Software Upgrades
  • No Preheat Air Fry
  • 3,600w Power Boil
  • Glide Touch Controls
  • Synchronized Elements
  • True Convection With Precise Air
  • Never-Scrub Oven Racks
  • Precision Temperature Probe
  • Fast Preheat
  • Hidden Bake Oven Interior
  • Livestream Camera

You can now connect to your range and control and manage your oven from anywhere with a smartphone or tablet, or even use your voice assistant. Pre-heat your oven on the way home, or set a roast to bake and monitor its progress while you’re at work. Change the oven temperature from your smartphone, or view the progress of your cooking with the built in Livestream camera.

GE Profile Kitchen Hub Smart Range Hood

smart kitchen appliances

Why stop with just the range – you can even make the range hood high tech with GE’s Kitchen Hub Smart Range Hood, which perfectly complements their smart ovens.

This smart range hood allows you to video chat with family and friends while cooking, and with dual cameras you can also Livestream your cooking progress.

With the Guided Cooking feature you can access over 5,000 recipes that have step by step instructions via the Flavorly™ app powered by SideChef™. You can learn new cooking techniques, keep family recipes available digitally, and use your voice to control your range and oven.

The main features list is impressive:

  • Guided Cooking – Create a Cooking Experience with 5000+ Recipes
  • SmartHome Control – Manage Your Home, Your Appliances & Your Life.
  • Two Cameras – Video Chat & Share the Moment
  • Stream Video – With Two Cameras
  • Entertainment – Use Your Favorite Entertainment Apps
  • Voice Control – Google Assistant Built-In
  • Ventilation – High-Powered, 4-Speed, Adjustable 600 CFM Ventilation System

This is a perfect companion to your GE smart range or oven. It will connect with many of your smart home devices, and allow you to control your home from the convenience of your kitchen, all while cooking, and live streaming your experience.

Samsung 4-Door Refrigerator with Family Hub

Samsung 4-Door Refrigerator with Family Hub

This is just one of Samsung’s line of smart fridges. It is equipped with both Family Hub and Bixby (Samsung’s built-in Voice Assistant, found on many Galaxy Smart Phones). Think of it as having a tablet device built into your fridge that doubles as a memo board – and also just happens to be accessible from your smart phone.

With 3 built-in cameras you can check your fridge from your phone or tablet, and never have to guess again if you’re running low on something while shopping – you can now check and see with ease.

The features on this refrigerator can make your life easier in many ways:

  • Simple Food Management – Add items to your shopping list by voice, and even add expiration dates with notifications, and view nutrition information for the items in your fridge, to make meal planning a breeze.
  • Sync with Your Family – Sync your family’s calendars and activities, and even share photos and notes.
  • Listen to Music or Watch TV While You Cook – Use popular apps like Pandora, IHeartRadio, Spotify Connect or TuneIn Radio for music, or mirror your Samsung TV or Phone to your Family Hub screen.
  • Connect To Your Home – You can even connect your other smart home appliances and many smart devices so you can control your lights, thermostat, or view your camera doorbell.

Samsung has created an elegant piece of smart home technology that you can use to connect with your family, and make everyday chores like shopping simpler and more efficient.

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